Toolbox Talk: The Deadly Dozen!!

Toolbox Talk: The Deadly Dozen!!

We all know that there must be a cause for an accident to happen.  In order to avoid accidents we must remove the cause.  Every cause is a result of an unsafe act or unsafe condition.  By recognizing the unsafe act or condition we can effectively remove the exposure to them.  The following “deadly dozen” are reminders to help you recognize unsafe acts or conditions.

Unsafe Acts

  1. Unauthorized use or operation of equipment.
  2. Failure to secure or tie down materials to prevent unexpected movement.
  3. Working or operating equipment too fast.
  4. Failure to issue warnings or signals as required.
  5. Using defective tools or equipment.
  6. Removing guards.
  7. Improperly using tools or equipment.
  8. Standing in an unsafe place or assuming an improper posture (as in lifting).
  9. Servicing moving equipment.
  10. Riding equipment not designed for passengers.
  11. Horseplay.
  12. Failure to wear the proper personal protective equipment.

Unsafe Conditions

  1. Lack of proper guards.
  2. Lack of a proper warning system.
  3. Fire and explosion hazards.
  4. Poor housekeeping.
  5. Unexpected movements.
  6. Protruding objects such as nails, wire, or other metals.
  7. Improper clearance or congestion at aisles or passageways.
  8. Poor placement, storage, or arrangement of materials.
  9. Hazardous tools, equipment, or materials.
  10. Poor lighting, high noise levels.
  11. Hazardous atmospheric conditions.
  12. Improper personal attire.

Remember:  Be able to recognize the conditions or acts we just discussed, you can effectively correct or avoid them and reduce your personal exposure to the general causes of accidents.

NOTE:  Always promote a discussion on any of the topics covered in the Toolbox Talk!

t h i n k  s a f e . w o r k  s a f e . b e  s a f e

Intention:   At Construct Corps we strive to nurture a “safety culture.” The intention of the Construct Corps Tool Box Talk is a brief safety talk or meeting about a specific subject given once weekly.   It can take a lot of time to develop safety topics for such tool box talks each week. Feel free to print and distribute these talks.

About Construct Corps, LLC: Construct Corps is a premier skilled labor construction staffing company, providing qualified workers to commercial, industrial, and residential contractors on a temporary or long-term basis. Offering superior service since 2000, Construct Corps believes there is a right way to do things and that mutual success is the byproduct of sound principles. Our centralized operations make it possible to receive the same high level of service no matter where your business takes you.  Combine this with our refined systems and quality management processes that help insure a high staffing success rate, and we’re dispelling the myth that all construction staffing companies are the same.

Construct Corps staffs temporary skilled workers to construction contractors for projects requiring only one worker for periods of only a week to 100+ workers for one year or longer.   Full-time onsite labor managers are also provided for projects in varying size and longevity.


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