Toolbox Talk: Shortcuts!!

Toolbox Talk: Shortcuts!!

Guide for Discussion:  Everyone takes a shortcut at one time or another.  Kids jump the fence instead of using the gate.  Pedestrians cross streets between intersections.  Taking shortcuts is common practice.  In many cases, a shortcut involves danger.

Break the habit!

If you have the habit of taking dangerous shortcuts, break it!  In our work it can be deadly.  An iron worker who tried to cross an opening by swinging on reinforcing rods slipped and fell 20 feet onto a concrete floor.  If he had taken a few moments to walk around the opening, he’d still be tying rods today!

Avoid dangerous situations!

If you are directed to a particular work area you are expected to take the safe route, not the shorter, more hazardous one.  The company you are working for cannot be a guardian angel sitting on your shoulder reminding you to “think safe, work safe, and be safe.”  Avoiding dangerous shortcuts is up to you.  It is your responsibility to warn anyone else you see taking them!!

What is there is no safe way to get there?

Let your supervisor know.  They will see that the necessary means of access is provided.

Shortcuts are more dangerous at heights!

Even though the job may take but a few minutes, don’t climb on false work or an improvised platform!  Use the scaffold or ladder.  Don’t go from one elevation to another by climbing a column or sliding down a rope.  Ladders, steps, and walkways are built to save your neck as well as for your convenience.


The safe way isn’t always the shortest way.  But it is the surest way by far.  Always promote a discussion on any of the topics covered in our Toolbox Talks!

Intention:   At Construct Corps we strive to nurture a “safety culture.” The intention of the Construct Corps Tool Box Talk is a brief safety talk or meeting about a specific subject given once weekly.   It can take a lot of time to develop safety topics for such tool box talks each week. Feel free to print and distribute these talks.

For questions about Toolbox Talk or general safety, contact our OSHA Authorized Instructor, Marcos Caballero at (813) 498-0359.

About Construct Corps, LLC:  Construct Corps is a premier skilled labor construction staffing company, providing qualified workers to commercial, industrial, and residential contractors on a temporary or long-term basis. Offering superior service since 2000, Construct Corps believes there is a right way to do things and that mutual success is the byproduct of sound principles. Combine this with unique systems and processes that help insure a high staffing success rate, and Construct Corps is dispelling the myth that all construction staffing companies are the same.


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