Toolbox Talk: Setting the Example!

Toolbox Talk: Setting the Example!

Guide for Discussion:  Setting a good example is not a “put-on.”  It’s simply working safety into your daily routine at home and on the job.  When we all work safely, everyone’s job is safe and their future more secure.

New employees certainly benefit by seeing operations conducted safe way.  As you all know from experience, people new on the job take a while to adjust and to discover who they are in the overall set-up of the job or project site.  New employees who have never held a job before or were employed by an organization that had a weak safety program probably will need considerable safety instruction and coaching.  We will attempt to give it to them, but naturally, they will also observe and seek advice and information from co-workers.  These early impressions of you and of safety operations will be at least partially formed through these contacts and observations.

“Don’t do as I do; do as I say” is a pretty tired expression, and it got tired because we all have repeated it many times, not just verbally but through our actions; and our actions speak louder than words.  When we leave our safety glasses resting on our foreheads rather than in place over our eyes, or when we kick an empty package out of the way rather than pick it up, we’re selling safety but it’s a useless soft sell.  Our actions are saying, “I believe in wearing eye protection but not in protecting my eyes; and I know trash can cause a tripping accident, but it isn’t important enough to make me pick it up.”

There is another angle to setting good examples.  Too often people dress to impress others with their good taste rather than their knowledge of safety.  Wearing rings, bracelets, and other ornaments is dangerous around power tools, machinery, and in many other jobs where it’s possible for jewelry to be caught by moving parts, thus cause injury to the wearer.  Long sleeves, floppy pant legs, and long hair can be hazardous on some jobs too.

So we should always dress for the job.  Make your personal safety just as real and you will have a good chance of not becoming the other person to whom accidents are always happening.

Note:  Always promote a discussion on any of the topics covered in the Toolbox Talk!

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