Toolbox Talk: Rung by Rung

Toolbox Talk: Rung by Rung

A ladder is an essential workplace tool for anyone working above ground level. However, each year more than half a million people are injured while using ladders.

Anyone who uses the wrong ladder for a job or uses it inappropriately is courting trouble. Don’t become a statistic.

Remember these ladder safety tips: 

  • Select the correct ladder. Why waver on the top rung of a stepladder when you can use an extension ladder? Never use a metal ladder if there’s any chance of contacting electricity.
  • Never assume a ladder is safe. Check it for unsafe footing, broken steps, bent legs, bent supports, cracks, worn or slippery step treads, and worn or missing rubber feet. Don’t use it if there’s a problem.
  • Set the ladder up on flooring that is dry, even and clear of obstacles. Never lean the ladder against anything unstable (such as a stack of boxes) or place it in front of an unguarded or unlocked door.
  • Follow the belt buckle rule when using a stepladder, making sure your belt buckle goes no higher than the top step of the ladder. Climb the ladder only after ensuring the frame is locked securely in place.
  • Follow the four-to-one rule when setting up an extension ladder. Place the ladder with its base one foot away from the wall for every four feet in height. Secure the ladder to a stable object at the top and then lock the extension securely in place. Never stand on the top two steps of an extension ladder.
  • Ask a spotter to hold the base of the ladder while you climb and be especially careful when climbing a ladder on a windy day. Remember to fasten the top of the ladder securely to prevent it from tipping.
  • Ascend and descend the ladder facing the rungs with both hands on the edges. Hoist tools and materials only after you have reached the top of the ladder.
  • Take precautions to prevent a fall. Use both hands when climbing and lock a leg around a rung when you need to have one hand free. Never climb onto a ladder that’s already supporting one person.

 Always promote a discussion on any of the topics covered in the Toolbox Talk!

t h i n k  s a f e . w o r k  s a f e . b e  s a f e

 At Construct Corps we strive to nurture a “safety culture.” The intention of the Construct Corps Tool Box Talk is a brief safety talk or meeting about a specific subject given once weekly. It can take a lot of time to develop safety topics for such tool box talks each week. Feel free to print and distribute these talks. 

What is Construction Staffing Done Right?

Doing the right thing. Communicating openly and honestly.

These traits may not be common in construction staffing, but they serve as our foundation at Construct Corps.  We believe there is a right way to do things and that mutual success is the byproduct of sound principles.   Our services are priced fairly and we recommend the best solution, even if it is not one we offer.   Our centralized recruiting operations make it possible to receive the same high level of service no matter where your business takes you.  Combine this with our refined systems and quality management processes that help insure a high staffing success rate, and we’re dispelling the myth that all construction staffing companies are the same.

Offering superior service since 2000, Construct Corps is a skilled trades construction staffing company, providing qualified workers to commercial, industrial, and residential contractors.   Give us the opportunity to discuss your manpower needs and see why we’re different.


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