Toolbox Talk: Horse-Play

Toolbox Talk: Horse-Play

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Guide for Discussion:   Nearly everyone has heard a practical joker say “this one is gonna kill ya.”  Well, hopefully it never will.  However, practical jokes invite danger.  The building trades industry is potentially dangerous and anything that unnecessarily increases the chance of an injury must be eliminated.  Horseplay benefits no one and usually only builds up resentment and fosters retaliation.  Practical jokes should be discouraged.  At some point, if they continue they need to be reported.

Examples of Horseplay:

  • Scaring someone
  • Air hosing someone
  • Wrestling with someone
  • Boxing
  • Goosing
  • Dropping objects next to someone
  • Throwing water on someone
  • Throwing objects or tools at someone
  • Placing tacks under someone

Additional Discussion Notes:

  • Can you think of other examples?
  • What are the adverse (bad) consequences of horseplay?
  • When is it appropriate to report horseplay to supervisors?

Remember:  Practical jokers can not guarantee the success of their jokes.  They can guarantee that they increase the chance of an accident occurring.  Imagine a joke that backfires resulting in an injury or death to a co-worker.  Do you want any part of that?  It’s easy enough to get hurt on the job as it is.  Let’s not increase anyone’s chances.

Intention:   At Construct Corps we strive to nurture a “safety culture.” The intention of the Construct Corps Tool Box Talk is a brief safety talk or meeting about a specific subject given once weekly.   It can take a lot of time to develop safety topics for such tool box talks each week.   Feel free to print and distribute these talks.

For questions about Toolbox Talk or general safety, contact our OSHA Authorized Instructor, Marcos Caballero at (813) 498-0359.

About Construct Corps, LLC:   Construct Corps is a premier skilled labor construction staffing company, providing qualified workers to commercial, industrial, and residential contractors on a temporary or long-term basis.  Offering superior service since 2000, Construct Corps believes there is a right way to do things and that mutual success is the byproduct of sound principles. Combined with unique systems and processes that help insure a high staffing success rate, and Construct Corps is dispelling the myth that all construction staffing companies are the same.

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