Toolbox Talk: Head Protection

Toolbox Talk: Head Protection

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Guide for Discussion: If you think the OSHA regulations only require affected employees to wear hardhats on large scale construction sites, think again! The standards require affected employees to wear an approved hardhat ANYWHERE they are exposed to falling objects, as well as when a worker is exposed to contact with an electrical current.

Here is an overview of some of the different types of jobs and hazards that could require the use of hardhats:

  • Working in areas where materials are handled or transported overhead that may fall, such as:
    • working beneath a co-worker who is handling tools or materials on a ladder;
    • working beneath or near a scaffold or overhead platform where materials or tools are being used;
    • working in areas where others are performing tasks on a roof, elevated floor, or other overhead area;
    • working beneath conveyors;
    • working near tractors or similar equipment that transport soil, rocks or gravel;
    • working in a trench or other excavation;
    • working inside a confined space (such as a tank or utility vault) with overhead access.
  • Working near areas where you may make inadvertent contact with electrical current, such as:
    • performing electrical work on or near energized parts;
    • working near overhead electrical lines;
    • working inside electrical utility vaults.

Our company only issues or allows use of hardhats that are approved for use by ANSI, because not all hardhats are made to offer the impact protection or electrical protection you need.  Please do not bring a hardhat to use at work without first having it checked by your supervisor or safety manager to make certain it meets the minimum protective standards required by OSHA.

If you feel we have overlooked an operation that presents a potential head hazard, or if there is a new operation you perform that has not been evaluated, please alert your supervisor or safety manager at once so the hazard can be addressed.

Note:  Always promote a discussion on any of the topics covered in the Construct Corps, LLC:  Tool Box Talk.  Should any question arise that you cannot readily answer please contact our OSHA authorized instructor:

Marcos Caballero:  (813) 498-0359

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