Skilled Staffing Services

Construct Corps is a skilled trades staffing and labor management company that provides services to construction contractors and manufacturing companies.  We’re a nationally recognized staffing agency that has been specializing in providing qualified skilled workers since 2000.    We provides short and long-term employment to qualified and experienced workers and tradespeople.  Our services areRequest a labor quote today typically utilized a company does not have enough employees of their own to perform a job, or if they have taken on a job outside their radius where it is more cost effective to utilize local temporary workers in lieu of paying per diems and travel expenses to their own employees.

But Construct Corps is not just a convenience, we can actually save you money.  Contact one of our knowledgeable associates and find out how incorporating Construct Corps employees into your next project can improve productivity and reduce your total labor burden. The cost of our temporary staffing services includes all of the administrative tasks and functions that would be required of an internal HR department, including the complete recruiting and onboarding process and payroll costs such as wages, taxes, social security, and unemployment.


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