How to Cut Costs Using a Variable Staffing Approach

How to Cut Costs Using a Variable Staffing Approach

Looking to cut costs? Position yourself for a more profitable future with a Variable Staffing Approach.

How does your business respond to competitive pressure to reduce overhead and lower labor costs?
When it comes time to set cost-cutting objectives, you should consider long-term factors, such as your anticipated growth. It is important to set challenging, but realistic goals that take your company’s limitations into account. Your staffing strategy should be a key part of this process.
Consider how well your current strategy responds efficiently and effectively to a wide variety of situations, both known and unknown. Then take into account the capability of your personnel, space and equipment limitations, and the timing of anticipated work. Your strategy should be flexible enough to adjust staffing levels to fluctuations in your work load over the course of a day, week, month or year.
One way you can help your organizations leaner is by partnering with a staffing company to adopt a Variable Staffing Approach.
Advantages of the Variable Staffing Approach:
  • Flexibility in type and amount of labor resources
  • Save costs in benefits and taxes
  • Immediate access to workforce not present internally
  • Mitigate Affordable Care Act penalties
  • Savings in long-term compensation costs

Please contact us or call 1.866.532.6777 to see if your business can benefit from a Variable Staffing Approach. Our services can be structured to meet your specific organizational needs so you can take advantage of reduced budgets, just-in-time resourcing, and local labor.


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