Construct Corps providing manpower needs in Nashville flood recovery

Construct Corps providing manpower needs in Nashville flood recovery

As soon as the Cumberland River began to recede Construct Corps was already providing manpower to disaster recovery contractors in Nashville on major industrial and commercial sites.  While Opryland is attracting much of the attention, having to relocate performances to nearby facilities and possibly facing a six month cleanup effort, that is only a fraction of the damage.  Half the state has been declared a disaster area and businesses have been forced to shut down.  

Disaster recovery companies are not able to hire workers fast enough and the sheer number of people needed creates an HR nightmare for contractors.  Construct Corps, with its database of nearly 150,000 workers and unique ability to recruit and staff local workers in any city nationwide, is able to provide these companies with the necessary manpower on short notice.   Construct Corps has been onsite since Tuesday and is already assisting in the recovery of over 1.5 million square feet of damaged property.  

This is not the first widespread disaster recovery effort for Construct Corps, having extensive experience dating back to hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Wilma in Key West.  Construct Corps’ CEO Scott Tashkin explains, “When disasters of this magnitude occur it is important to understand that people’s lives have been displaced as well.   Recruiting and hiring processes are unique for every disaster relief effort.  We take pride in our ability to accommodate the local workforce.  That experience and flexibility goes a long way when contractors are forced to man up quickly.”

While some people and business may be able to get back on the feet quickly, the completion of the recovery will likely require the remainder of the year and possibly beyond.

Construct Corps is a nationwide provider of skilled and unskilled temporary labor to commercial, industrial, and disaster recovery contractors.  Call 866-532-6777 or visit us at

Construct Corps is a construction staffing company specializing in providing contractors with local skilled labor nationwide.
Construct Corps’ unique centralized recruiting/qualification systems allow contractors to utilize a local workforce in almost any
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