Are You Prepared for Labor Challenges in 2014?

Are You Prepared for Labor Challenges in 2014?

Construction employment hit a 50-month high as employers added 11,000 jobs in October, reaching its highest level since August 2009. As the industry continues to add new jobs, nearly 74% of construction firms nationwide reported having a hard time finding qualified workers to fill key positions.

There are just six weeks left in 2013. It’s time to review your performance and start making plans for success in the new year. Part of your year-end review should include an assessment of your labor needs.

Here are some questions to help identify your potential labor challenges in 2014.

  1. Did you increase or decrease the size of your staff in 2013?
  2. Did you experience challenges filling certain positions?
  3. What positions were most difficult to fill?
  4. Do you expect that it will be harder to fill certain positions in the next twelve months?
  5. Are you losing workers to higher-paying jobs?
  6. Is your firm having to increase wages and/or benefits to retain construction professionals?
  7. Do you expect to increase wages and/or benefits to retain current workers?

Construct Corps can help you plan ahead and address these challenges by working with you to create a strategic staffing plan that meets the needs of your business. Contact us or call 1.866.532.6777 ext. 223 for more information.

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