5 Ways Staffing Can Help Control Labor Costs

5 Ways Staffing Can Help Control Labor Costs

Are you looking to improve operating margins on your projects? Here are 5 ways you can use temporary staffing to reduce your overhead, operational costs and improve performance.

1. Go from a Fixed Labor Cost to Variable

Your revenue may cycle up and down from month to month but labor will generally remain flat. Using temporary workers gives you the opportunity to reduce costs during the down times and gives you the flexibility increase manpower when workloads are heavier.

2. Let the Staffing Company Do the Leg Work

When you partner with a staffing company, they handle screening, testing, interviewing and reference checking. Not to mention all the costs associated with processing payroll and managing benefits. This frees up your office personnel to handle more critical tasks.

3. Limit Benefit Expenses

Benefits can cost up to 30% of payroll expenses. Using staffing companies where temporary workers are paid through a staffing firm alleviates you from carrying the burden of benefit expenses.

4. Reduce Training Costs

Working with a staffing company gives you access to skilled and experienced workers. This will help improve productivity by saving you and your core staff time spent training. This frees up valuable employee resources and allows your veteran staff to focus on the job rather than new recruits.

5. Prevent Unemployment Claims

Using temporary workers shifts the unemployment burden to the staffing company rather than your business. This keeps unemployment expenses from affecting your bottom line.

If your business can benefit from a more flexible workforce, or if you need the expertise of an experienced construction staffing company, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 1.866.532.6777 ext. 223.

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